In Focus (#09 September 2012)

Best Practices Needed

The second wave of the financial crisis in early 2012 and deepening uncertainty in Europe immediately brought calm to international capital markets and new risks for major lenders. From the finance perspective the public focus is gradually shifting from monitoring expectations to searching for new alternative sources and instruments for raising finance. Many countries have no other option but to consider the situation for preparing appropriate regulatory responses. Ukraine is not an exception. First and foremost, particularly burdensome currency control regulation has undergone some simplification. Those businesses who have connections with Russia are considering opportunities to find liquidity in Moscow. As regards national regulation, it came up with rather progressive initiatives to establish guarantees for investors.

Perhaps it is too early to draw any conclusions as major recent proposals have not been yet converted into a regulatory policy framework. But the eye catching parallel with addressing the fundamental concept of improving the liquidity of domestic market is nevertheless present. Best practices are needed as never before.

With the launch of the new autumn season, which is expected to be hot and very busy, the UJBL team has decided to add some value to funding public discussions by bringing together highly interesting opinions and anticipations by our contributors.

Нарру reading,
Olga Usenko

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