In Focus (#11 November 2012)

Manageable Opportunities

In a situation of uncertain economic environment and lots of limitations in the regulation, structuring of corporate activity abroad via offshore/onshore zones, these jurisdictions are of greater significance than ever before. Such states specially design attractive benefits for businesses in terms of taxations, assets security, regulatory burden, etc. Their policies are aimed at creating offshore businesses on their territories, enabling them to become important financial hubs.

For Ukrainian realities the role of offshore and onshore schemes can hardly be underestimated. A reminder that all Ukrainian public companies that are listed on stock exchanges around the world acted as holding companies incorporated in jurisdictions favorable for this purpose. It is no secret that a significant share of Ukrainian inward investment is routed via offshore holdings or finance structures. The renewed focus on offshore/onshore opportunities is also determined by political uncertainty and the desire of property owners to secure assets and tax optimization. For example, such widespread corporate restructuring could hardly take place without the application of schemes elaborated by practice. The range of jurisdictions offers different opportunities that could be managed depending on business purposes and the nature of transactions. At the same time, transactions with offshore incorporated entities are the object of close attention on the part of the government.

This issue of the UJBL will examine the opportunities of offshore/onshore jurisdictions and monitor Ukrainian business realities in this regard.

Нарру reading,
Olga Usenko

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