In Focus (#06 June 2013)

A Test for Legal Maturity

Public demand for effective dispute settlement is great as never before.

In an increasingly globalized world, national jurisdictions are starting to compete to be credible dispute resolution platforms. To a certain extent, this trend could be considered as a sort of “test for legal maturity”.

Conventional litigation and judicial enforcement in our country are very sensitive topics that are usually described as cumbersome, not effective and unpredictable. Indeed, the lack of credibility towards national courts is observed among not only foreign investors but national businesses as well. No wonder there is rather fertile background for the development of alternative dispute settlement mechanisms. These include a wide range of techniques — arbitration, negotiation, mediation, etc.

Our first summer issue was designed to provide a unique insight

by examining various aspects of alternative dispute resolution techniques, from a general overview of existing options to specified eventual analysis of pros and cons, challenges, costs, further developments.

The UJBL team is also pleased to introduce a new journal section called Cover Story, outlining personal and corporate tracking in the profession.

Furthermore, our publication has been a media partner of III St. Petersburg International Legal Forum,

a grandiose professional event initiated in Russia and acquiring tremendous popularity in legal circles. We also provide a brief overview of the event in our traditional Venue column. 


Нарру reading,
Olga Usenko

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