In Focus (#07-08 July-August 2013)

Local Appetites

To a certain extent M&A activity in the country is a mirror to given state policy and credibility of the course taken by a government. The current state of play in the Ukrainian M&A market totally reflects this statement.

The past year was marked with loud departures by Western banks, while Russian investors generated M&A activity very selectively in strategically important sectors. Evidently, the main deal makers at the moment are local business groups. Those foreign investors participating in transactions predominantly expand their shares in existing business.

The appetites of acquirers are determined by their ability to understand the main rule of doing business in this part of the world. And this task is not an easy one…

And what about lawyers?

Ukrainian legislation enables law counsels to work out creative deal structures. “Escape of jurisdiction” is a proper way to avoid a long list of specific regulatory and country risks. The question why there is neither the political will nor set of policies to make Ukrainian jurisdiction attractive, remains open for comments.

It is with all these considerations in mind that we designed our current UJBL issue. This is the case when eventual background leaves room for personal findings.


Нарру reading,
Olga Usenko

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