In Focus (#11 November 2013)

Opportunities and Obligations

Ukraine has committed itself to international incentives on trade facilitation, which means simplification of customs procedures and improvement of efficiency at the border. This is rather welcomed by business to eliminate

high cost of meeting regulatory requirements in the course of doing cross-border trade.

Among the recent achievements of our country are the adoption of the Customs Code and amendments to high profile legislation. In the meantime, with the clearly indentified priorities in trade facilitation with the EU, the recent countdown to the signing of the Association Agreement provoked the opposite — trade restrictions from the Customs Union.

Opportunities and obligations in terms of WTO and CIS memberships, customs clearance and specific contractual regulations are the targets of precise analysis in the latest issue of the UJBL.

The keynote speaker of the issue, Danylo Getmantsev, shares his experience of dispelling myths about Ukraine in Europe.

In our regional supplement we took interviews with brilliant speakers from emerging markets, who shared their experience. Expansion policy, challenges to law firms and legal marketing became subjects of our conversation with our guests.

The monthly panel discusses the role and implementation of international legislation in Ukraine.


Нарру reading,
Olga Usenko

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