In Focus (#09 September 2017)

Digitalization in the Air

The legal challenges facing the technological sector have grown explosively in unison with innovative products and services across industry. And the regulatory framework should be adapted in this race of changes.

Cutting-edge technologies are changing our lives and the way we do business, setting challenges to traditional thinking and governance issues. There is no guarantee today that established players are retaining leadership roles. We have seen so many examples of major corporations ceding the market to flexible newcomers.

Digitalization is in the air right across all spheres of life, public and private. In the meantime legal professionals now have new issues to consider. The September issue of the UJBL examines global data protection, cloud computing and the wave of blockchain technology in the wake of the huge cyberattack on Ukraine in June.

Our Cover Story heroes from Axon Partners have not only guided us through TMT trends, but challenged the often conservative legal market with their alternative vision of the future.

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