#01 January 2010

In focus – Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals

Ecological standards appear to be the most dynamic part of EU law as they become the subject of changes in line with public attention on product safety and climate change. Being an internal European Community regulation on chemicals and their safe use, REACH affects the exports of third countries to the EU

Expert Opinion

REACH – a Challenge for Non-EU Enterprises

Dr. Mansur Pour Rafsendjani, Martin A. Ahlhaus

On 1 June 2007, EC-Regulation No.1907/2006 (REACH) came into effect. REACH contains a fundamental revision of the European policy on chemical substances: Quintessentially REACH leads to a shift of legal responsibilities in the context of a skilled handling of chemical substances to trade and industry

In Re

REACHing success under the New Rules Applicable to Chemicals in EU

Nataliya Y. Mykolska, Anzhela M. Makhiova

On 1 June 2007, when the REACH Regulation aimed at ensuring a high level of protection of human health and the environment and enhancing competitiveness and innovation in chemical industry came into force, the honeymoon period for all companies in any way involved in manufacture, supply or distribution of chemicals in Europe ended

REACH Regulations in Steel Industry

Oleh M. Malskyy

The REACH legislation constitutes a milestone for the European Community. It sets new standards for environmental law, which are becoming the benchmark for many countries and companies around the world

Hot Issue

Energy Investment Opportunities in Ukraine

Kostyantyn V. Chekunov

This Article gives a general outline of the legislative and institutional framework for energy projects in Ukraine and provides analysis of recent projects. We believe that only two investment mechanisms in the energy sector (carbon trade under the Kyoto protocol) are operational. In terms of the scarcity of financial resources the said remains a realistic tool for attracting foreign investment


The Relationship between Democracy and Human Rights in the Example of Freedom of Speech

Tetiana A. Kotashevska

During one of his lectures Viktor Osyatinkiy, a professor at the Central European University, expressed the idea that Human Rights are not a synonym of Democracy: everything is just visa versa

Local Issue

Legal Vendor Due Diligence from the Perspective of the Sellers Legal Advisors

Iryna M. Baranovska

Traditionally, legal due diligence in an M&A transaction is undertaken by the purchaser. However, recent trends both overseas and now in Ukraine have shown that a seller, aiming to control the selling process, initiates the due diligence by engaging independent legal advisors

Global Legal Update

The Extraterritorial Reach of Ukrainian, U.S. and EU Competition Laws

Maksym O. Sysoiev

The core act governing protection of completion in Ukraine is the On Protection of Competition in Ukraine Act of Ukraine of 11 January 2001, No. 2210-III (the Competition Act). In particular, the Competition Act establishes general principles tion of competition in Ukraine, rules on anticompetitive concerted actions and merger control as well as the procedure for their approval, rules on dominant position and its abuse, rules on discriminatory and restrictive activities of business entities and their associations, rules on hearing cases regarding violations of Competition legislation and liability for them


Mediation in Ukraine

Nataliya V. Koloskova

In the process of mediation the parties arrive at a mutual decision and the mediator does not adjudge into this process. The main reason why mediation is attracting more and more attention is that conflicting parties control the decision process

Corporate Social Responsibility in Ukraine

Nataliya V. Koloskova

In 2009 the Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility Development initiated the First National CSR Business Case Competition under the Development of a National Agenda of Corporate Social Responsibility Project. A total of 45 leading Ukrainian companies took part in the competition and presented business cases dedicated to CSR activities prior to 2009

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