#04 April 2010

In focus – Intellectual Property

Introduction of a new product or technology is impossible without ensuring the protection of intellectual property rights. With the internationalization of business this concerns not only national but also international regulation and, what is even more important, practice

Expert Opinion

Legal Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Ukraine

Oksana V. Horban

The current regulatory system in Ukraine governing intellectual property (IP) is sufficiently developed that it can be said to be in its final stages of formation. There follows a detailed insight into certain IP rights and specific features of their legal regulation in Ukraine

In Re

Royalty Payments: Some Things to Consider when Importing Goods

Yuliya A. Nogovitsyna, Iurii G. Tsvietkov

Royalties are sometimes used by Ukrainian businesses and subsidiaries of multinational corporations as a rather tax efficient profit repatriation tool. They are generally tax deductible, not subject to VAT, and can be exempt from WHT if properly structured

Heart and Soul of Franchising, or Intellectual Property Rights in Franchise Agreements

Anzhela M. Makhinova

In view of continuing globalization, capturing new markets and expanding presence thereon recently became a top priority for all companies. Franchising is one of the possible options of such expansion. It is a convenient vehicle for both capturing companies and franchisees, as the former can ensure their widespread presence on the account of franchisees, while the latter become members of the well-established franchising family that significantly mitigate the risks of defaults

The Nature of Rights in Domain Names and Methods of Legal Protection in Ukraine

Olga O. Romanenko

There is no doubt that today the importance of a domain name is not limited to its practical function of identifying resources in the Internet. Domain names have become one of the most valuable business assets of late

Global Legal Update

Broadcasting Regulation: Comparative Research (UA, US, and UK)

Stanislav O. Kononenko

Almost four years ago the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Parliament) introduced amendments to the On Television and Radio Broadcasting Act of Ukraine setting out the transition from analogue television and radio to digital broadcasting and the granting of four initial experimental licenses by the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine (NTRBCU)

Application of Theories of Copyright to Copyright Laws of Nigeria and Ukraine

Peter Kayode Oniemola, Muyiwa Adigun

Copyright law seeks to protect forms of expression including novels, movies, musical compositions, cinematograph films, sound recordings and broadcasts. It is an aspect of intellectual property which refers to a loose cluster of legal doctrine that regulate the uses of different sorts of ideas and insignia

How To

Secrets of International Negotiations

Anna A. Ovcharenko

Since the world community entered the third millennium, global changes have taken place in its structure. As we know, mobility has become the key point in many business fields. Today ways of organizational management of the company has also changed. The modern employer can choose another company easily if hes not satisfied with its work terms

Business Lunch

Arbitration in the Spotlight

Alena A. Chernyavskaya

In describing the trends of Ukrainian legal business, there is a need to understand that its players are not only local law firms, but also international players. It is no secret that the philosophy of a law firm originating from Europe differs a great deal from one coming from Ukraine and Russia. In this regard we decided to learn more about the UK approach towards legal services and held a fruitful conversation with Sarosh Zaiwalla, senior partner of Zaiwalla & Co


15th Anniversary

Nataliya V. Koloskova

According to a well-established tradition, every March Yuridicheskaya Pratika Publishing celebrates its traditional holiday. Celebration of its 15th anniversary was held in the period of 15-17 March and consisted of legal seminars, conferences, master classes, meetings, round-table discussions, competitions, lectures as well as a bowling tournament

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