#05 May 2010

In focus – Transport & Infrastructure

The last few weeks have not been easy ones for transport companies in Europe or around the world. The volcano in Iceland showed that even strict schedules adjusted by the no less strict business plans of airlines can collapse, as can gaps in transportation regulations. Who should pay compensation for the damage caused by cancelled flights and destroyed vacations

Expert Opinion

Launching a Successful PPP Program in Ukraine: Legislative, Regulatory and Institutional Considerations

The current Ukrainian PPP legal framework consists of a number of special laws and regulations governing certain types of PPPs (e.g. production-sharing agreements, concessions, state property leases, etc.). These pieces of legislation contain many ambiguous, vague and conflicting provisions. Investors face real problems during the implementation stage, which are due to various factors, including frequent changes in legislation, underdeveloped legal and institutional framework, lack of transparency, and corruption

In Re

Mitigation of Risks of Private Partners in PPP Projects in Ukraine

Private public partnerships are a well-known method of cooperation between public authorities (public partner) and investors (private partner), widely used in many countries for developing and maintaining infrastructure facilities. The biggest advantage of PPP for the public partner is that it secures and retains the ownership rights over assets, while the private partner undertakes to improve the quality of rendered services

Certain Aspects of Taxation of Public-Private Partnerships in Ukraine

The creation of an efficient mechanism for the functioning of a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) is one of the most pressing issues for the Ukrainian government to resolve. This is far from an overstatement

Liability of Freight Forwarders: Legislative Gaps and Practical Problems

The current stage of development of market relations in Ukraine is characterized by the fact that most cargo transportation involves not only sender, consignee and carrier, but also freight forwarders, who have the necessary professional knowledge to optimize the process of transportation. Legal relationships between freight forwarders and clients are regulated by legislation and a freight forwarding contract

Rotterdam Rules: New Legal Regime of Carriage of Goods by Sea

Rotterdam Rules is the new UN Convention intended to replace the Hague (1924), Hague-Visby (1968, 1979 SDR protocol), as well as Hamburg Rules (1978) in regulating carriage of goods by sea

Hot Issue

Developers Participation in Infrastructure of Inhabited Area

Applicable Ukrainian law requires that developers participate in development of engineering-transport and social infrastructure of an inhabited area. Actually, there are two possible ways of such participation: to pay a contribution (share participation) in the amount stipulated by the municipality as a general obligation prescribed by laws, and to construct utility networks as a complementary obligation that may be imposed by the technical conditions of utility providers

How To

Investment in Ports of Ukraine

Investment is rather a wide concept covering all issues related to commercial transactions beginning from simple credit and ending with complex forms of participation in the property and business affairs of a company. A person having available financial or material resources (investor) transfers them to another person (investee) to implement some project with a view to obtaining benefits


Ukrainian Airlines: We cant Go on Like This

International air transportation is the more susceptible to a globalization than other economic sectors. That is the reason why international air transport market players should be supported from the side of the resident state in their activity


Business and State: CIS Views in London

The third International Forum CIS-EC EuroLawyer 2010 opened its sessions on 15-16 April 2010 in London, England. On this occasion the attention of participants was focused on the topic of State and Business: Joint Development Perspectives

National CSR Case Contest

The year of 2010 will have its own priorities and trends. Some countries have already defined their priorities for this year, namely: reducing the environmental impact (13%); building understanding of companies approach to CSR (12%); understanding climate change and improving sustainability reporting; managing regulatory impacts and developing services with social or environmental attributes (10%)

International Corporate Solutions 2010 Conference

The Premier Palace Hotel hosted the participants of the VII annual conference International Corporate Solutions 2010 organized by Bosco Conference on 15 April 2010 in Kiev.

The International Corporate Solutions 2010 is created for professionals in the sphere of tax planning

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