#06 June 2010

In focus – Agriculture

Despite the economic crisis Ukraine occupied leading positions last year as an exporter of agricultural commodities. It is no wonder that the potential of agricultural development in the country is considered to be one of primary sources for its future economic growth

Expert Opinion

Attracting Investments for Agricultural Business

Marina A. Tegypko, Dmytro S. Kiselyov

The countrys agricultural land provides opportunities for farming and cattle-breeding, although investors should approach this sector with care, due to complications regulating the rights to either own or use land.
An investor may be hindered by burdens and formalities such as a moratorium on alienation of agricultural land, or half-reformed land cadastres. In order to minimise the possible risks a proper and detailed due diligence of the investment object especially if it takes the form of land plots should be conducted

In Re

Investment in Arable Lands in Ukraine

Katerina A. Nastechko

Arable land plot is a part of land surface which is characterized by soil productivity. Such a plot is used for agriculture production and is a spatial basis of placement of objects technologically connected with arable production and can be granted only to citizens of Ukraine and Ukrainian legal entities

Licensing and Protection of a Plant Breeders Rights in Ukraine

Elena A. Bukuyeva

The issue of licensing a plant breeders rights in Ukraine is often raised by foreign companies entering the Ukrainian agrarian market or introducing new plant varieties into the Ukrainian market

Food Safety Reform: an Effective Tool for Strengthening Ukraines Food Industry

Kateryna L. Onul

With its fertile lands and favourable geographical location, Ukraines agribusiness sector has long had the potential to attract large investments. Unfortunately, investments have up till now mainly focused on the grain sector

Sink or Swim, or Protection of Ukrainian Agricultural Producers under WTO Rules

Nataliya Y. Mykolska, Anzhela M. Makhinova

On its thorny path of accession to the WTO, which eventually ended on 16 May 2008, when Ukraine joined the WTO, Ukraine significantly liberalized trade in goods, including agricultural products. According to the Schedule of Concessions and Commitments annexed to the GATT 1994 (Schedule), Ukraine undertook to reduce the average tariff bindings for agricultural products from 18% to 10.66%...

Hot Issue

Ukrainian Agricompanies Seek Alternatives on Warsaw Stock Exchange

Olena R. Kibenko, Bogdan S. Adamowicz

The financial crisis and the high cost of loan capital at the countrys commercial banks have forced Ukrainian companies to seek alternative sources of funds. National and foreign experts reasonably name foreign and international capital markets as such an alternative


Public-Private Partnerships for Agribusiness

Oleksiy S. Kolchanov

The agricultural sector is a goldmine of Ukrainian economics, the results of which however are heavily dependent upon effective management, financing and innovations

Business Lunch

How do you Develop an Effective Strategy with an Investor?

Nataliya V. Koloskova

At the present time it is impossible to start modern business without a distinct business development strategy. Creating a competitive and successful company of worldclass has to become the prime goal for general management of leading Ukrainian companies. In this light the team at UJBL asked Jock Mendoza-Wilson, SCM Director of International and Investor Relations, to share the secrets of conducting business in Ukraine according to three unquestionable values: effectiveness, professionalism, and responsibility

Global Legal Update

Agro Disputes Where can They be Resolved?

Andrey Y. Astapov, Oleh M. Malskyy, Alexey O. Sereda

Trade in agricultural products has always been one of the keystones of the global trading system and focal point of many developing countries. The global legal platform for trade in agricultural products was laid by GATT and its successor, the WTO

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