#09 September 2010

In focus – Medicine & Healthcare

Medicine and healthcare have become more and more sensitive during the last couple of years. Every government that has been in power as well as ordinary citizens realize and accept that the existing post-Soviet system in our country needs reforms.

Expert Opinion

Healthcare Regulation in the Process of Integration of Ukraine with the European Union

Alina O. Mishkur

The State Program On Adapting Ukraines Legislation to the Legislation of the European Union determines the mechanism of reaching accordance with Copenhagen and Madrid criteria for acquiring membership in the EU

In Re

Intellectual Property in Pharmaceuticals: Who Owns the Trademark?

Olena M. Khytrova

Today it is important to distinguish ones own goods from those of competitors. This is especially crucial in terms of the market economy. So it is necessary to name the commodity. This function is performed by trademarks

Extending the Life of Pharma Products: Best Practices

Anastasija N. Sinitsa

With the cost of developing drugs continually rising, squeezing every last penny out of existing drugs has become a key strategy for the pharmaceuticals industry. Life-cycle extension, in which companies try to extend their drugs' period of market exclusivity, has been the most popular strategy to date

Legal Aspects of Liability for Unfair Advertising of Medicines in Ukraine

Mykhaylo Y. Yunko

Medicine is unlike other consumer goods. The misapplication or incorrect dosage of a given medicine, mixing with other medicines, can result in ineffective treatment and can even result in risk to the health and life of the person taking the medicine

Pharmaceutical Trade Names: Sponsorship on TV

Andriy O. Gorbatenko

TV commercials are the best way to promote mass consumption products, including pharmaceutical products. The main advantage of TV commercials is their broad coverage, as television is considered to be the most widespread mass media. At the same time, TV commercials provide ample opportunities for targeting

Clinical Trials: a Break in the Tradition of the Past Few Years

Borys F. Danevych, Kateryna O. Halenko

The last two years have been marked with a slight drop in popularity of Ukraine as a platform for CTs. However, while the factors that contribute to it may scare off investors, we do not find them absolutely unavoidable or unmanageable

Hot Issue

Legal Regulation of Gestational Surrogacy in Ukraine

Denis V. Virovets

Reproductive outsourcing is a new but rapidly expanding enterprise in Ukraine. Ukraine provides possibilities for couples from all over the world to realize their parental rights with a balanced combination of high professionalism of medical staff, relatively liberal laws, low prices and unparalleled personal qualities of Ukrainian women ready to assist others in their search for personal happiness

Global Legal Update

Compulsory Licensing in the WTO: Providing Access to Affordable Medicines

Iryna S. Polovets, Tetiana O. Kheruvimova

It is no secret that Ukraine leads the list of countries with the highest HIV and tuberculosis case rates in Europe. According to the World Health Organizations Global Tuberculosis Control Report 2009, Ukraine had an estimated 46,916 tuberculosis cases in 2007


Legal Aspects of REPO Transactions in Ukraine

Marina A. Tegypko, Kseniya V. Ostrovska

Repurchase (or REPO) transactions constitute an important segment of the international securities markets. They are used by market players as a means of secured borrowing or as an instrument of market speculation


Ukrainian IPO 2011: Pending New Billion

Yulia V. Afanasieva

Ukrainian companies and companies from the CIS will be among the most attractive IPO investment targets on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange (AIM) in the coming year, participants of the Ukrainian IPO 2011: pending new billion round table, concluded

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