#10 October 2010

In focus – Environment

The era of consumerism in line with technological advancement and industrialization has placed the most crucial environmental item on the agenda of global development. At all international forums and rostrums our current philosophy towards interaction between human beings and the environment is undergoing substantial criticism…

Expert Opinion

Environmental Risks of Acquiring a Production Site

Tetyana O. Rabczak

While considering a potential acquisition in Ukraine, a foreign investor always wonders what hidden dangers and liabilities he may acquire together with a production site. Depending on the history of prior ownership of the site and the neighbouring plots, and keeping in mind the typical approach to environmental safety in Soviet times, it is quite common to discover that the land lying under an acquired production site in Ukraine is contaminated with heavy metals…

In Re

Trade and Environment: WTO Experience, Lessons for Ukraine

Iryna S. Polovets, Tetiana O. Kheruvimova

Interest in the relationship between the environment and trade goes back at least to the early 1970s, when the linkage between both WTO policy areas was established. The issues were then more narrowly framed and discussion was focused on whether pollution abatement costs in industry would significantly alter the patterns of international trade and investment…

Legal Aspects of Joint Implementation Projects under the Kyoto Protocol in Ukraine

Kateryna S. Rekiianova, Anna A. Dzibiy

Implementation and use of Joint Implementation Projects under the Kyoto Protocol (JI Projects) offer numerous investment opportunities and benefits attractive to investors, owners and developers of such projects focusing on reducing greenhouse gases (GHG). In the course of carbon trading projects all the parties involved may face uncertainties and irregularities regarding applicable Ukrainian regulations…

Regulatory Framework for Gold Mining in Ukraine

Andrei G. Liakhov, Artur V. Yalovyy

While Ukraine was part of the USSR, its gold mining potential was kept in reserve for two principal reasons: 1) environmental issues (the majority of known gold deposits are located in Carpathian Region, considered to be a natural reserve territory) and 2) military planning (in case of conflict with NATO, Ukraine, as a border republic, had higher chances of being occupied by the enemy)…

Hot Issue

Operating Artesian Wells: on the Edge of Criminality

Yuriy V. Nechayev, Oleksandr V. Polonyk

Artesian wells offer a viable solution to ensuring access to water resources. With a comparatively small investment companies may secure permanent and cheap access to either drinking or technical water…


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) became a top touristic destination quite late. The country only experienced rapid changes from 1971, when it gained independence from Great Britain. Visiting the Emirates today you can hardly believe that only several decades ago the modern megapolises of these mega territories were covered in vast desert…

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