#11 November 2010

In focus – Energy

The outgoing year became one very rich in energy discussions both at international arena level and in Ukraine. The security of energy projects is likely to be discussed more than any other energy. This issue of the UJBL was designed to give a comprehensive overview of the state of play, complemented by comments and estimates from experts

Expert Opinion

Energy Security: Cooperation between Ukraine and EU

Yevhen V. Fedorchenko

Energy security and efficiency incentives come predominantly today from EU countries. Despite the political background of talks on energy, one should clearly understand that energy security and efficiency concepts have been strongly developed in consumer countries

In Re

Energy Efficient Ukraine: is there Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Tetyana R. Kistynyuk

Much has been written and said about the need for Ukraine to re-structure its energy sector and implement best European practices in its energy policy. However, very few steps have actually been taken to modernize the regulatory framework and make energy regulations compliant with EU legislation

Developing the Legal Framework for Unconventional Gas Development in Ukraine

Vitaliy V. Radchenko, Inna A. Saakova

In recent years shale gas has boosted natural gas production in the USA to record levels and at the same time reduced the gas price. Similarly, shale gas has been seen as a way towards European energy independence from Russian gas supply and has easily become one of the most discussed and hottest topics for Europe in 2010

Green Tariff in Ukraine: Attractive, but Complicated...

Maksym O. Sysoiev

The term green tariff has been more and more frequently used among businessmen both in Ukraine and abroad although very often without its proper understanding

Energy Industry Lands: New Rules with Unforeseen Exceptions?

Yaroslava V. Onika

On 17 August 2010 the On Energy Industry Lands and the Legal Regime for Special Areas of Energy Objects Act of Ukraine came into effect. It is the first legislative Act in Ukraine to govern the procedure for provision and use of land plots allocated for installation of energy facilities

Extracting Oil and Gas in Ukraine: Hydrocarbon Tax Regime

Maksym V. Zavalnyy, Andriy M. Reun

There is no doubt that the global economy is deeply dependent on hydrocarbons and derived energy sources like petroleum, diesel, domestic gas, etc. On the other hand, the worlds deposits of hydrocarbons are being exhausted dramatically faster than they may be restored

Hot Issue

Anticipated Result of Energy Sector Privatization

Andriy P. Pidhayny

The Government and the State Property Fund have recently issued frequent public statements regarding privatization of power industry assets. This gives reason to believe large-scale privatization is to return to Ukraine within months. In a rush for new revenue sources for the State budget instead of reforming the energy sector itself, officials are busily taking up reforms


Transplanting the Energy Service Company Business Model to Ukraine

Kevin Mason

Ukraine is one of the most energy intensive nations both in Europe and in the world. This statement may seem dramatic, but it is supported by statistics gathered by independent organizations. Other sources note that Ukraine is also one of the worlds most energy intensive countries, only one-third as energy-efficient as the average EU country


Some Tips on How to use Twitter Effectively and Make Most of it!

Renatha Iussa

Evan Williams, cofounder of Twitter, left his position as CEO at the beginning of October: There are 300 people working at Twitter today-compared to about 20 when I took the CEO job two years ago. Back then, people were creating about 1.25 million tweets a day-compared to 90 million today. In those same two years, we grew from 3 million registered users to more than 165 million today explains Williams

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