NEWS (July 5, 2021)

Oleksiy Filatov joined AEQUO

Oleksiy Filatov has joined AEQUO as senior partner and head of Dispute Resolution practice group.Oleksiy Filatov focuses on cross-border and local litigation and international arbitration, particularly corporate, commercial and investment disputes.

Mr. Filatov is a renowned Ukrainian dispute resolution practitioner with more than 20 years of professional experience. His track record includes acting for international and major local companies in high-profile disputes at Ukrainian courts and before international arbitration tribunals, and as Ukrainian law counsel in international legal teams at English, Cypriot, Swiss, US and other foreign courts. He has also been appointed as international arbitrator in a number of cases.

Apart from private legal practice, Mr. Filatov’s professional background involves serving as the secretary of the Constitutional Commission and coordinator of the Judicial Reform Council at the President of Ukraine and his deputy chief of staff. At these positions he led the development of significant amendments to major Ukrainian rules of court proceedings and laws on judiciary as well as the amendments to the Ukrainian Constitution regarding judiciary that were approved in 2016 and highly praised by the Venice Commission and other experts of the Council of Europe.

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