NEWS (August 4, 2021)

Ukrainian Law Firms 2021. A Handbook for Foreign Clients is released in print

Yuridicheskaya Practika Publishing publishes its annual market research Ukrainian Law Firms 2021. A Handbook for Foreign Clients.

The Handbook provides a legislative review and in-depth research of the country’s legal services market.

The publication covers:

  • Recent developments and trends for the Ukrainian legal services market;
  • Monitoring of notable public transactions throughout 2020;
  • Review of Ukrainian law by practice areas and industries, carried out by prominent local and international legal counsel;
  • National legal directory by practice areas/industries: 20 surveys and 32 rankings.


According to the results of conducted research based on visible market changes and exclusive insights, the top market trends of the second half 2020 – first half 2021 are:

  1. Splits and team departures;
  2. Shrunken budgets and retaining sophisticated work inside legal departments;
  3. Cost-cutting and aggressive cost control measures;
  4. Contract lawyering;
  5. Pricing pressure in high-margin practices
  6. Temporary alliances for tenders;
  7. Strategic client management;
  8. Hybrid mode of work;
  9. Video communication era;
  10. Digital environment.


Olga Usenko, editor-in chief and head of the project, noted that law firms demonstrated changes in legal business operations, management of fee earners and support staff, client relationships, and rethinking of their marketing and investment strategies. “We observe a truly positive sign – firms invest in client experience and retention, boosting the level of client service and permanent availability of core executives. Even more, general counsel outline that law firms in Ukraine often preserve an even more client-centered approach as compared to other jurisdictions”, she said.

Ukrainian Law Firms. A Handbook for Foreign Clients has been published in English on an annual basis since 2003, and has gained the reputation of being a reliable market guide to top law firms and practitioners in Ukraine.

The full version of the printed magazine will be available online shortly at and at

For order details of the hard copy please contact and/or +38 044 495 2727

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