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Looking for an Attorney?

by Taras Kopii

At some point in life, everyone faces a situation when we need a qualified legal assistance. In such cases, we either have a minor bureaucratic issue or have a big problem. Anyway, the necessity to seek for legal services is always accompanied with stress, discomfort and uncertainty.

What should you actually do if you need to find a good lawyer as soon as possible? Most probably, you will ask your friends, relatives, colleagues for a recommendation. If it does not work for you, the best solution is to Google all possible options. However, this step does not mean that you will find a legal assistance that will make you feel comfortable.

Let’s think which services you would like to get. Firstly, you want to be sure that your attorney is a professional (knows what he is doing). Secondly, you would prefer your lawyer to be located as close to you as possible. Choosing among two or three specialists, most likely, you will compare the prices for their services. This process does not really look easy and fast, right? 

Since we are lawyers, we always do our best to make life of our clients easier and more comfortable by providing highly qualified services. Though, how can we help the whole society in general? How can we influence the legal market in a better way? Can we help both clients and professional attorneys? Yes, we can.

The most efficient solution for searching for legal services all over Ukraine has been created. We are pleased to announce that TCM Group Ukraine became a mentor of ADVOQ, a unique legal IT project that will resolve the abovementioned issues.

ADVOQ has the most important information and details about over 30 thousand attorneys. Using the source, you open for yourself a great range of possibilities, advantages and benefits no matter whether you are a lawyer or a customer. The public database of all certified advocates of the country allows any client to find a necessary legal assistance through a fast, simple, easy platform.

How does it work for a person, who looks for an attorney? It is as easy as to order a delivery of your favorite food online. You enter the website and a miracle begins —  you can find a name, number of the license, check work experience, address, education and a lot of other public information. One of the best advantages is that you have access to a list of the services that the advocates provide. Moreover, you can review and compare a price of the service as well as find out the duration of a free consultation.

How does ADVOQ work for licensed lawyers? It gives them the very easy possibility to manage their public profiles by themselves. It is no need to seek for an IT professional to make and keep updated a personal website anymore, because every attorney can do it himself. An advocate can easily add and edit the information about the services he provides and set up fix prices or hourly rates he charges; can simply add and edit phone information about education, work experience, languages he speaks; can publish articles, news, videos and share them on social networks by a few clicks.

We can keep writing about all features, advantages and innovations of the project for hours, but you should better check it out yourself. Please, welcome ADVOQ — an unprecedented legal IT project that will change the rules of the game!


By Taras Kopii, senior counsel at TCM Group Ukraine

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