2018 Editorial Calendar

Dear Sir/ Madam,

The UJBL team is pleased to provide its Editorial Calendar for 2018.


Issue Theme (In Focus) Article Submission Deadline Ad Space Closing Date
January - February Financial Restructuring 1 December 26 December
March Retail & FMCG 1 February 26 February
April Asset Tracing 1 March 26 March
May IP Rights in Internet 4 April 27 April
June Infrastructure 30 April 25 May
July - August Anti-Corruption 1 June 25 June
September Corporate Security 1 August 27 August
October International Arbitration 3 September 24 September
November Energy 1 October 26 October
December Fintech 5 November 26 November


In this regard we would like to thank you for your contributions, suggestions and ideas.

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