In Focus (#5 May 2018)

Game-changing Area

Сheap and easy access to the Internet has over the past few years drastically changed the way we communicate, work, shop and find information. Not only has it made the majority of companies move on-line and adapt their business to the digital environment, but also created a specific market with lots of challenges. The IP legal industry is forced to catch up on the dynamics of on-line business developments, finding novel solutions, adjusting its traditional systems of protection, and responding to new challenges, like cybercrime, online counterfeiting or domain name disputes, that arise all the time. Limited national jurisdiction over online transactions, the massive move of businesses online, Industry 4.0 and new cutting-edge information technologies inevitably transform IP law practices and force them to adapt to new realities.

According to established tradition, on the eve of the next Annual Meeting of the International Trademark Association, our May issue covers intellectual property protection. This month’s contributors give you a practical insight into the latest developments of IP rights protection on the Internet, including the “notice-and-takedown” procedure, trademarks in search advertising and the IP component in the video games industry. Our cover story speakers share their views on global and local trends, ongoing harmonization and IP reform, global disputes and their impact at local level.

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