In Focus (#6 June 2018)

Unlocking Strategic Merit

The development of Ukraine’s infrastructure is a priority of the Ukrainian Government. This sector inherited outdated soviet capacities and needs urgent modernization. After all, it determines the development of the state’s export and transit capabilities. The standstill is disruptive when the issue is of strategic merit and national significance. The legal background is fundamental to driving this process, and at least the relevant legislation is on its way for final approval.

After the lessons of preparations for EURO 2012 we have certainly learned that the right projects should be funded at the right time. In this respect prompt testing of the coming law is vital in terms of not only ensuring a favorable investment environment but also designating more refined timelines for the running of projects.

Throughout the last few years we have continued to observe the advent of private projects in the infrastructure sector, with export-oriented industries like agriculture and metallurgy being the main focus. The Ukrainian PPP market has big growth potential. The allocation of risks envisaged in the new legislation should hopefully facilitate this potential quite soon.

Our contributors this month have taken a precise look at recent legal development in this area, risks in accessing capital, and recent achievements in running subsequent projects, ambitions and the requirements of different stakeholders in this process.

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