In Focus (#09 September 2018)

Broader Concept

Doing business in Ukraine is more than ever implicating a corporate security strategy. And it is on the rise. This comprehensive term is often associated with resisting corporate raiding and protection from criminal persecution. However, it’s a much broader concept that includes a range of components like good governance and anti-raiding resistance, data protection, cyber-security, compliance and internal security service, interaction with state authorities and GR. Even more, it consequently determines a new approach to managing business and comprehensive risk assessment as its core essential.

All in all, a breach in business protection may cause far reaching financial, legal, reputational and social consequences. And we found this worthy of thorough consideration in our special issue on Corporate Security. Our cover story guests are from Sayenko Kharenko and there are other enthusiastic contributors.

And as usual, the latest news from Parliament and other regulators is on our watchful radar.

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