In Focus (#10 October 2018)

Access to Justice

The relationships between corporations, investors and states inevitably become more sophisticated. Disputes may arise along every step of their interaction, and access to efficient justice empowers counterparties to pursue their business interests.

Over the last decade international dispute resolution centres have embraced this lucrative area of legal services, while states are often referred to as arbitration friendly or less arbitration-friendly.

Flexibility, the variety of arbitration rules, enforceability, experience… The list of advantages is expanding rapidly alongside demand for efficient resolution of transnational disputes.

The last few years in the history of Ukraine have been rich in arbitration cases, quite often with a certain political flavor. In the broader view of things, the recent changes in procedural legislation have provided support for international arbitration via Ukrainian courts. In the meantime, international investment arbitration has been gaining momentum, and is certainly shaping the investment climate of the country.

Our October issue is almost traditionally dedicated to hot topics in international arbitration. Moreover, our candid conversation with Olexander Martinenko,
senior partner of CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang, has made this content even more practical and explicit.

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