In Focus (#07-08 July-August 2019)

Fertile Period

Ukrainian agriculture is often referred to as a sector of unique competitive advantages globally. However, the performance of agribusiness is far from that declared potential.

Each political force in power starts its economic rhetoric with initiatives on redesigning the country’s agroindustry policy. Discussion is centered, first and foremost, on the ongoing moratorium on the sale of agricultural land. It has lasted almost two whole decades. Its cancelation will, in addition to political will, require enormous legislative, communicational and organizational efforts. Convincing arguments may found a lucrative soil this time.

It is notable that the sector is structured between big agro-industrial holdings rapidly extending their land banks, attracting finance from abroad and determining state policy throughout strong representation in the Ukrainian Parliament till late. Meanwhile, small and medium farmers strive for expansive lending. It will not be easy for all market players to reach compromise.

The summer season is traditionally fertile for a portion of concerted contents from UJBL contributors. The current issue encompassed land consolidation and foreign investment, the prospects for the launch of the land market, concentration in the sector, as well as upcoming changes in the bankruptcy field.


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