In Focus (#10 October 2019)

Seeking A Match for Dry Powder

When a business is on its development track it requires financing and good governance practice, managerial expertise and strategic vision. Private equity and venture capital funds overdraw the role of powerful investors with the articulated function of improving economic efficiency and speeding up growth. The case of Rozetka’s marketplace is the most distinctive example of a successful project involving a private equity firm.

The transactional landscape in Ukraine recently revealed that these players are not only dealmakers but have significant dry powder, especially in light of recent promising changes on the political scene. In this regard a top-tier network and advocacy is of critical importance.

The topical issue in October is likely to be useful for those businesses considering attracting investment and seeking access to funds but who still lack eligibility criteria. This insight into private equity and the venture capital industry has come at just the right time.

Happy reading,
Olga Usenko

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