Argument (#3 March 2020)

Maritime Piracy as International Crime and its Influence on Shipping

by Yuriy Sergeyev, Iryna Radkovska

Despite the fact that piracy has a long history, it still exists and is growing. Actually, in the late 1800s piracy was recognized as the first international crime, and pirates were declared “hostes humani generis” (enemies of humanity). While hundreds of years ago pirates united into small groups only, today piracy is a form of organized crime and has a number of large criminal networks at local, state and international levels involved not only in piracy but in other transnational crimes, such as smuggling, arm trafficking, money laundering, corruption, etc. Piracy hot spots also change and expand from the Caribbean to the Strait of Malacca, the South China Sea, the Gulf of Guinea, off the coast of Somalia into the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea (Gulf of Aden).Therefore, maritime piracy is a threat to international peace and security, economic prosperity not only of corporations or entities in the marine industry but to ordinary consumers...

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