In Focus (#05 May 2012)

Battle with the УShadowФ

A total crackdown on criminal liability legislation and general business crime regulation is developing around the globe and locally. No wonder that Ukrainian realities differ somehow.

Criminal prosecutions became a rather widespread tool of regulatory pressure lately.

Quite a lot of legal counsels reported on the launching of business crime practices last year and noted that the demand for such services from clients was ever growing.

The recent partial decriminalization of business crimes activities in Ukraine is seeing its practical application at the present time.

Despite its generally positive perception for the business environment, some wrinkles appear to exist. These are uncovered by our authors in the current issue.

The tax pressure generated very lively feedback from our contributors who draw practical illustrations of Уabuse Ч responsibilityФ.

Furthermore, in times of much talk about improving UkraineТs investment attractiveness and shareholders protection, our panelists addressed the issue from the micro-level as for corporate restructuring.

And as always, we promise you a very exciting reading.

Olga Usenko

The Ukrainian Journal of Business Law

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