In Focus (#01-02 January-February 2014)

In Search of Workable Consensus

Ukrainian tax legislation appeared to be changing rapidly throughout the last couple of years. The past year of 2013 was a particularly dynamic period from the international tax perspective.

One of the primary innovations was the introduction of transfer pricing rules. Indeed, the practical implications of new norms are at the forefront of professional discussion among tax advisers of late.

The Cyprus crisis last summer compelled numerous investors, inter alia, Ukrainian, to re-consider their strategies of doing business. International tax structuring and planning becomes obviously more rationale to work out proper solutions to mitigate transaction costs and avoid disputes. Further, not only macroeconomic risks but also global trends determine the future role of tax advisory. Overall, the UJBL starts the year of 2014 with considering the recent developments in international tax. The panel discussion gathered a multidisciplinary team of experts to address recent energy policy developments. Of particular note are reports from several professional events that facilitate learning and consideration.

At this very responsible and challenging time in Ukraine, we call for wisdom and peace in our country. The simple approach of listening and hearing one another is workable in business, politics and diplomacy.


Нарру reading,
Olga Usenko

The Ukrainian Journal of Business Law

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