In Focus (#04 April 2014)

Spring IP Pulse

by Olga A. Usenko

As evidence proves intellectual property can be the most valuable asset held by any business. It is logical that IP needs legal security from infringements and any losses, either financial or to a firm’s reputation.

Demand for intellectual property rights protection can withstand economic fluctuations. It is acquiring a global flavor with the expansion of multinational corporations which are generators of enforcement of their own IP rights when they arrive on new markets.

There are no frontiers for IP as it follows technological advances and proliferates in a flash. New objects of IP rights protection come to a market. The legislative background has received a huge challenge, namely to catch up with rapid changes taking place. IP is a pulsating practice, bringing with it a wider context, coverage and enforcement mechanisms.

Since the UJBL became a trusted partner of the International Trademark Association Annual Meeting, the tradition of devoting one of the UJBL spring issues to IP has already become a good one. It is the right time to update our Ukrainian IP pulse and identify the nature of problems that came to the fore in recent years.


Нарру reading,
Olga Usenko

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