In Focus (#09 September 2014)

Old Wine in New Bottles?

The new business season of 2014 promises to be pivotal in terms of domestic policy-making. The recent changes in personalities in power follow expectations for a new agenda in fields that are strategic for the country.

The issue of land has traditionally been a very sensitive one for Ukraine. Politicians quite often make a play with it during election campaigns. Indeed, we have an early parliamentary election scheduled for 26 October. Business circles have complained about regulatory gaps and the cancer-like spread of corruption for decades. Market experts argued that the system produced lucrative soil for so-called non-transparent schemes. And now the land market is the particular object of new initiatives, especially in terms of the necessity to raise state finance. The question is how efficient changes can be driven without repeating the typical policy approach of old wine in new bottles…

The UJBL continues to stimulate the fruitful exchange of opinions for high-profile legislative issues. Our magazine would like to present a new portion of valuable criticism on the known and absolutely new regulations.

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