In Focus (#12 December 2014)

A Call for Efficient Measures Inside

International financing has been the main driving force for pursuing business expansion and development projects in Ukraine. Over the years sectoral leaders were permanent actors in cross-border lending and debt capital markets. With the depression of the country’s national currency, many Ukrainian borrowers are no longer able to meet financial obligations and fall behind with debt payments.

At the corporate level, the situation is jeopardizing the operational continuity of companies and hitting certain sectors. Each individual case requires its own response. A new wave of debt restructurings has already been launched in the country. And experts emphasize that not all restructuring tools are available. In its turn, rapidly changing currency regulation is actually hindering the process.

At the banking level, confidence in the banking system has been undermined far beyond the current situation. The alarm bell started ringing when losses arose through foreign investors leaving.

When financial markets are closed, restructuring efforts are restricted, and with fatigue from Ukraine increasing (it’s not that easy to admit this), there is a call for efficient measures inside. Let’s keep that in mind.

The last issue of UJBL in 2014, as always, reveals very critical issues. We are always happy to maintain a professional, high-profile discussion. We hope that our findings will inspire and equip the new people in power. And we expect to see actions, not words, very soon.

Season’s greeting from all of our team. And may God preserve our country!




Happy reading,

Olga Usenko

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