In Focus (#07-08 July-August 2010)

Competition Landscape

Antimonopoly, antitrust, competition — all these terms are used to describe competition policy — the set of rules supporting the operation of a market economy. Competition regulation remains to be established mostly at national level with a certain degree of harmonization.

However, it’s obvious that internationalization of business means that competition issues are increasingly international in character. Enforcing competition law rules, preventing anti-competitive activities involving actors in multiple states as well as considering mergers and acquisitions affecting multiple national jurisdictions requires cooperation and coordination between national competition agencies.

This means that harmonization, permanent legal advice and effective cooperation between national competition agencies would ensure predictability, reduce the prospects for inconsistent national decisions and reduce compliance costs.

This issue of the UJBL is designed to provide a picture of the relevant Ukrainian competition landscape covering practical issues raised before legal professionals in the course of their assisting clients, their comments on the regulatory field, administration of competition rules, and views from an international perspective.

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Olga Usenko

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