In Focus (#12 December 2015)

Mind the Gaps

The increasing costs of doing business, generating constraints in access to public resources, undermining the rule of law, delegitimizing the state — this is a quite shallow view of the impact of corruption. In response to huge pressure from within the country and the outside world, Ukraine took the path of adopting special anti-corruption national legislation and establishing appropriate institutional capacities. No wonder the process is accompanied with claims of legal shortfalls, delays and lack of procedural transparency. And critics have reasonable grounds. Despite exposés of high-level corruption by the media and NGOs and promises of recovery of looted assets, we still see speculation and manipulation on the ground. No public request and international commitment? Indeed, enhanced with both moral and legal gaps, which are not minded on the ground.

Although the anti-corruption topic is one of the most widely discussed in public, precise analysis and invaluable insights into the problem are still rare. At the end of this extremely challenging and hard in all senses for our country year, addressing issues like this is critical for our readers. Keeping in mind that the global character of anti-corruption efforts evoked multijurisdictional business requests and proliferation cross-border legal practice, the term of anti-corruption jurisprudence may become common not only around the world, but here in Ukraine too.



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Olga Usenko

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