In Focus (#05 May 2017)

Seeking Protection

Intellectual property (IP) plays a strategic role in companies’ assets portfolios. It drives deal-making activity like M&A, and shapes the innovation landscape. It is an eminent reality around the world that business is relying increasingly on investment in intangible assets. IP ensures a return on investments, and naturally IP rights owners seek protection. When a country becomes lucrative for the expansion of big multinationals, the role of its IP regulation grows, while the subsequent demand from the outside world anchors these commitments.

Ukraine is, quite fairly, blamed for the present difficulties experienced by the owners of IP rights owners to protect and exploit their rights. In Ukraine the IP infrastructure has required changes for many years. The reform of the soviet style — state service of the intellectual property is a long-expected institutional change. Furthermore, the establishment of a specialized court is another milestone point that may have a significant effect on IP litigation giving a signal both in Ukraine and internationally on whether the system is actually improving.

It is already a good tradition to present an IP issue in spring on the eve of the main international venues for IP practitioners.



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