#03 March 2011

In focus – Commercial Banking

Despite capital injections and strong government support, commercial banks in Ukraine have no doubt felt the negative consequences of the economic downturn

Expert Opinion

Tactics of Banks during the Financial Crisis: Debt Restructuring or Bankruptcy of the Borrower?

Anastasija V. Grynenko, Alexander S. Zadorozhnyy

The banking sector in Ukraine has suffered heavily from the financial crisis, damaged by difficulties in attracting capital and deposits, constantly growing numbers of bad loans, volatile exchange rates and currency inflation

In Re

Recent Developments in Ukrainian Currency Regulation

Taras V. Dmukhovskyy

By its Resolution No.544 On Amendments to Legislative Acts on Trading in Foreign Currency (Resolution No.544) which was adopted on 14 December 2010 and came into effect on 28 December 2010, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has further reshaped the rules of operation of the Ukrainian inter-bank currency market

Credits in Foreign Currency Illegal?

Markian M. Malskyy

The use of foreign currency as a means of payment on the territory of Ukraine is rather restricted. Article 192 of the Civil Code of Ukraine determines that the legal means of payment, binding to be accepted at the nominal value on the whole territory of Ukraine is the monetary unit of Ukraine Hryvnia

Security Instruments in Ukraine

Yevgen O. Blok, Svitlana V. Berezhna

The year of 2010 was notable for the number of loans, both foreign and domestic, raised by Ukrainian companies, their foreign subsidiaries or parent companies. As a rule, foreign and Ukrainian creditors provide loans to Ukrainian debtors subject to proper security of debtors obligations

Hot Issue

Free Trade Agreements: Recent Fashion Trend or Modern Trade Facilitation Mechanism?

Nataliya Y. Mykolska, Anzhela M. Makhinova, Oleksandr S. Tereshchenko

Today, free-trade agreements (FTAs) are among the pillars of international trade. It is well-known that free-trade areas and customs unions facilitate free movement of goods, boost attraction of investments, exchange of technologies and are the cornerstones of trade liberalization

How To

Temporary Stay of CIS Citizens who dont Obtain Employment Permits on Territory of Ukraine

Yaroslav A. Shkvorets

Ukrainian legislation limits the period during which foreign citizens and stateless persons can stay on the territory of Ukraine. Extension of such period requires that special formalities be observed


Factoring and Debt Restructuring

Oleg P. Zagnitko

From the contractual law prospective, the factoring has been widely known but yet undefined area of activities for the Ukrainian business entities whereas current crisis makes it institutionalize swiftly

Global Legal Update

Arbitration and Mediation in China: Essential Issues for Ukrainian Business

Oleg V. Gromovoi

China seems to be the main political, economic and trade partner of Ukraine in the Asia-Pacific region. Ukraine and China have achieved great results in economic, political and humanitarian cooperation


VII Annual Legal Forum on Legal Services Development in Ukraine - 2011

Being an excellent forum for all kinds of communications between leading experts in international and native legislation, VII UBA Annual Legal Forum on Legal Services Development in Ukraine - 2011 was held on 25 February at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Kiev

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