#05 May 2011

In focus – Heavy Industry

The Soviet past of the Ukrainian state was continuously associated with a well-established heavy industry branch. Having been a material and technical pillar for extensive growth during the communist era, the countrys industrial facilities, located mainly in the Eastern and Southern regions of the country, encompass the mining and, partially, the processing sectors

Expert Opinion

Integration of Ukraines Mining and Metallurgical Industry into the Global Economy

Ivan S. Mishchenko

Recent trends in the world mining and metallurgical industry clearly demonstrate the movement of industry towards globalization. The merger of German steel companies Thyssen and Krupp, English British Steel and Dutch Hoogovens are vivid examples. In the USA, one of the biggest markets in need for steel production, 4 major companies dominate at the market. One of them has been recently acquired by Indian corporation Mittal Steel

In Re

Metallurgy as a Basic Branch of Heavy Industry in Ukraine

Nataliya V. Misnik

Metallurgy is an important branch of heavy industry, one of the main parts of the foundation of the national economy and a strategic source of revenue for Ukraine. The value of metallurgy for the Ukrainian economy is difficult to over-estimate

Environment Investments as an Alternative Way of Heavy Industry Financing

Stanislav S. Lobko

Ukraine has been a full party to Kyoto Protocol to the Framework Convention on Climate Change since 2 February 2005. According to the statistics (compiled by the State Environmental Investment Agency of Ukraine) more than 200 private projects for financing heavy industry are being carried out according to the Kyoto mechanisms with a deadline for accomplishment of 2012

Hot Issue

2010 for Ukrainian Oil and Gas Sector in Review

Vitaliy V. Radchenko

2010 was indeed a tough year for Ukraine and all sectors of its economy. Climbing slightly out of the economic crisis downturn the country witnessed substantial changes in the state governance, political and legal systems. The energy sector was no exception and below I am going to touch upon the most crucial events that happened during 2010 in chronological order


Implementing Environmental Policy in the Energy Sector

Tetiana S. Tugolukova

Ukraine has recently become a fully-fledged member of the Energy Community. As a result, the country has committed to complete many drastic energy reforms, all of which are introduced in EU Acquis Communautaire, by as early as 2011

Case Law

Religion and Arbitration the UK Supreme Court Ruling in Hashwani vs. Jivraj

Freya Zaiwalla

Many Ukrainian and CIS businessmen incorporate clauses in commercial contracts citing that the forum for any disputes arising out of that contract should be London arbitration. The following case should, therefore, be of significant relevance to such Ukrainian and CIS businessmen


How can Problem Regulations of the Tax Code be Applied?

Nataliya V. Koloskova

The Round Table How to Apply Problem Regulations of the Tax Code? was arranged on 20 April by LIGA:ZAKON. Leading experts of the tax field, key Ukrainian tax lawyers, editors, as well as representatives of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine (STAU) gathered together to discuss the topical problems

The IV Annual UBA In-house Lawyers Conference

Nataliya V. Koloskova

On 21 April the IV Annual UBA In-house Lawyers Conference took place at the Rus Hotel in Kiev. The event traditionally gathers under one roof in-house lawyers, heads of legal departments with leading Ukrainian and international companies and experts in different legal practices

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