#07-08 July-August 2011

In focus – Real Estate & Construction

Fundamentally, the background of every construction project in the country was sustainable banking finance. The crisis revealed a credit bubble and indicated pitfalls of weak risk management. Evidently, 2009-2010 was a period of perfect storm for all market players

Expert Opinion

New Construction Act: What is Really New?

Dr. Oleksiy O. Feliv, LL.M.

The new On City Construction Activities Act of Ukraine, adopted in February 2011 (though the majority of its provisions came into force on 12 March 2011) pursues a positive and democratic approach to deregulation and debureaucratization of the construction branch, as many Ukrainian laws purport to do...

In Re

Enforced Collection of Mortgaged Property

Markian M. Malskyy, Yuliya O. Peleh

The aim of enforced collection of mortgaged property is the satisfaction of a mortgagees (creditor) claim in case of non-fulfillment or undue fulfillment by the mortgagors (debtor) of an obligation secured by the mortgage or an obligation by the mortgage agreement

Taxing of Residential Real Estate: 2012 Novels

Stanislav S. Lobko

It is common knowledge that according to the Tax Code adopted in 2010 (effective from 1 January 2011) a new tax called Tax on Real Estate differing from land plots (hereinafter Real Estate Tax) was imposed. Since this tax will apply from 2012 it hasnt attracted appropriate attention to itself to date

Warehouse Property 2011: Results of the First Quarter

Dmitry V. Gorbunovich

A shorter development cycle (1-1.5 years, whereas the cycle is 3-5 years for office properties, 7-10 years for hotel properties), and capital costs several-fold lower distinguish warehouse properties from the broader range of real estate objects

Land in View: Privatization Issues Answers Wanted

Katerina A. Nastechko

Land reform and privatization of land of an agricultural nature took place in the first years of privatization. The execution of land reform in the sphere of agricultural production was conditioned by the necessity to transfer land to the ownership of people working on it

Hot Issue

Disposal of Immovable Property by Individuals: Taxation Rules

Elena V. Sapko, Kateryna O. Kost

Effective 1 January 2011, the Tax Code of Ukraine (the Tax Code) introduced new rules for the taxation of transactions performed by individuals, with regards to immovable property. Some of these rules appear to be ambiguous and raise many questions


State Budgets & Successful Public Private Partnership Projects: Legal Aspects

Oleg A. Klymchuk

After some recent major reforms to Ukrainian law, the mechanism for implementing a public private partnership (a PPP) has become more and more workable in practice. Then, during March and February 2011, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (CMU) adopted a number of resolutions to better regulate the implementation of PPP projects in Ukraine

Digital Distribution: Trends and Perspectives

Ievgeniy S. Antoniuk

The world had entered a digital era like a new-born child. There is no doubt impetuous progress in communicatory technologies is swiftly changing the assortment of business tools. Instantaneous information exchange modified the way ideas, technologies and cultures spread. The Internet had altered possibilities of sharing information, made it absolutely free of borders, regulation and restrictions


Chamber Annual Independence Charitable American Day Picnic

On 2 July the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine held the traditional Annual Charitable American Independence Day Picnic in Kiev. Despite the inclement weather, approximately 3,500 people gathered together for the event at Spartak Stadium this year


What are the main problems faced by a lawyer on execution of international arbitrage decisions in Ukraine?

Volodymyr Semchuk

The main condition of dispute consideration via international arbitration is the consent to such consideration by parties that is expressed in an arbitration clause, which is a voluntary one

Olga Prosyanyuk

During the last few years Ukrainian businessmen have begun to solve their problems with the help of international arbitration courts even more often. The reasons for this, are, first of all, mistrust in the domestic justice together with difficult and long procedure for solving disputes

Ivan Zievakov

It is a well known fact that it is not enough to receive a positive arbitration decision in Ukrainian realities. Its enforcement is as important, as it may become another problem

Olexander Droug

Some of the problems that are being faced by arbitral awards creditors when enforcing their awards in Ukraine include

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