NEWS (May 22, 2019)

Ilyashev & Partners have achieved the imposition of anti-dumping duties on imports of cement from Russia, Belarus and Moldova

The team of international trade practice of Ilyashev & Partners law firm led by partner Alena Omelchenko has successfully protected the interests of Ukrainian cement producers Private JSC Dyckerhoff Cement Ukraine, Private JSC Heidelbergcement Ukraine, PJSC Podilskyi Cement (CRH Ukraine group of companies) and Private JSC Ivano-Frankivsk Cement in an anti-dumping investigation regarding the import to Ukraine of cement originating in the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Moldova.

At the meeting on 21 May 2019 the Interdepartmental Commission on International Trade decided to apply the final anti-dumping duties for five years on imports of cement into Ukraine, in particular cement clinkers and Portland cement, which are classified by UKT FEA codes 2523 10 00 00, 2523 29 00 00.

The rate of the final antidumping duty for the import of cement to Ukraine is set at:

- 57.03% in respect of imports of Portland cement and clinker originating in the Republic of Belarus;

- 94.46% in respect of import of Portland cement and clinker originating in the Republic of Moldova;

- 114.95% in respect of import of Portland cement and clinker originating in the Russian Federation.

The application of such high rates of duty on imports from the three countries at the same time is an extremely rare result for an anti-dumping investigation.

The final anti-dumping duty will be calculated as a percentage of the customs value of the goods and will be levied in addition to the import duty.

The Interdepartmental Commission rejected the price undertaking offers of Lafarge Cement (Moldova) SA, CJSC Oskolcement and CJSC Eurocement Trade to cease dumping imports of cement to Ukraine.

It should be reminded that the decision to initiate an anti-dumping investigation on the results of the consideration of the complaint prepared on behalf of the Ukrainian national commodity producer by the international trade team of Ilyashev & Partners Law Firm was made by the Interdepartmental Commission on 4 July 2018. The anti-dumping investigation lasted 10 months.



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