NEWS (July 29, 2019)

Sayenko Kharenko and Yevgeniy Solodko joined forces

Sayenko Kharenko and Yevgeniy Solodko have completed the process of merging their white-collar criminal defence practices, which allowed us to create a practice, which gathered the best white-collar criminal defence, anti-corruption compliance, and corporate investigations experts.

Yevgeniy Solodko is one of the leading criminal defence attorneys in Ukraine, being involved in a number of high-profile criminal investigations and trials and having unique experience of defending publicly exposed persons against unjustified charges. Apart from that, Yevgeniy has special expertise in the field of Canon law and law of historical and cultural heritage.

As of 10 July 2019, SK also welcomed to its team Zlata Symonenko, who specializes in dispute resolution, business security and defending clients within criminal proceedings on economic and corruption charges. She also has significant experience in preparing claims to the European Court of Human Rights in criminal cases. In addition to legal practice, she has been involved in working groups drafting the laws of Ukraine on National Police, National Anticorruption Bureau, Financing of political parties and Fighting against political corruption.


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