NEWS (November 18, 2019)

ETERNA LAW announced joining of Shaukat Valitov as a partner

ETERNA LAW announced that Shaukat Valitov has joined the firm on the position of a partner of the company. Mr. Valitov’s area of responsibility will include the Uzbekistan market.

Mr. Valitov specializes in comprehensive property protection, has more than 14 years of experience in debt collection, both in the process of pre-trial settlement of disputes and at the stage of court proceedings. Shaukat specializes in international commercial arbitration and international litigation. Mr. Valitov has considerable experience in resolving corporate and post M&A disputes before arbitration courts, acting as the representative of the parties to disputes administered by SCC, ICC, ICSID, LCIA and other arbitration institutions. He has more than 12 years of experience in conducting transactions in international capital markets, including M&A, IPO, SPO, CLN, Eurobonds, alliances and joint ventures. Shaukat was responsible for conducting complex reorganizations, enterprise consolidations, optimizing corporate governance systems, buying back stocks using borrowed funds, resolving conflicts between shareholders, splitting up businesses, creating turnkey private foundations, private trust companies and individual funds (private label funds).


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