NEWS (December 3, 2019)

AVELLUM represented English trading company in London arbitration

AVELLUM successfully represented an English trading company in a dispute with a Georgian manufacturing company resolved in arbitration. The dispute arose based on a contract for the supply of flour to the port of Batumi, Georgia amounting to a total of over USD 700,000.

The buyer refused to comply with the contract as he believed that the latter was not concluded. As a result, the client suffered significant losses and resorted to London arbitration.

The buyer signed the contract and sent it to the client, but subsequently changed his mind and revoked the signed contract. Despite the revocation, the client signed the contract and sent it to the buyer in response.

The arbitrator found that the contract was concluded given that both parties did not establish any time limits for its signing.

AVELLUM team proved that the parties did conclude the contract and secured full satisfaction of the client’s claims of over USD 100,000.

AVELLUM team was led by partner Iryna Moroz with support from senior associate Dmytro Koval and associate Yelyzaveta Holovan.

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