NEWS (May 10, 2020)

VB PARTNERS defended the interests SkyEng

Attorneys of VB PARTNERS defended the interests of the most expensive educational start-up in Eastern Europe - an innovative online school for learning English. The lawsuit was aimed at recognizing the trademark`s registration that was carried out by fraudsters on the territory of Ukraine as illegal.

SkyEng is the undisputed market leader in distance English learning with a record number of students - more than 100,000 (according to Forbes).

One of the former managers, acting illegally and in bad faith, registered the client’s trademark in his name and, using this registration, tried to block the company’s activity in Ukraine.

Attorneys of VB PARTNERS implemented a comprehensive SkyEng defense strategy. The firm represented the interests of the client in a lawsuit.

As a result of the active actions, the courts of first and appellate instances ruled in favor of the client and canceled the illegal registration of the “competitor`s” trademark. The decision has entered into force and has been enforced.

The project`s team has been led by partner, Oleksandr Lukyanenko


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