NEWS (September 9, 2020)

Ukraine-Europe. Dialogue on Justice – 2.0

The second international conference Ukraine-Europe. Dialogue on Justice – 2.0 took place on 2 September in the Kyiv International Convention Center PARKOVY. The meeting was organized online via Skype between Kyiv and Brussels. The event was attended by representatives of the legislative and judicial branches of government, experts and lawyers from Ukraine and the European Union.

One of the most important issues discussed was the impact of external factors on justice in Ukraine. Namely, the involvement of foreign citizens and public activists in the evaluation and selection of judges. This point has become rather questionable in the Ukrainian reality, stressed Pavlo Horbasenko, the chairman of the Commercial Court of the Kyiv Region. According to him, some civil society activists have appropriated the right to inform Western partners about the state of affairs in Ukraine, which is incorrect. Mr. Horbasenko also noted that there should be civil control, but it should not decide what is fair and what is not all alone.
"No one should accuse other people, including judges, without a court verdict and due grounds. Public distrust is born precisely where there is a monopoly on the truth in those who pursue their own interests,”, the judge added. Pavlo Horbasenko also stated that the authority of the judiciary is systematically degrading and justice, which is produced by the courts every day, is devalued.

"The court is not a supermarket and that's why you can't get everything you want here at once and in any way. The court provides only justice and only in the manner prescribed by law ", the speaker summed up.


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