NEWS (December 9, 2020)

Ukraine in Washington 2020 and beyond... Advancing and Building Partnerships through Innovation and Reform


WHAT: An extraordinary online conference experience, using a captivating virtual platform

Ukraine in Washington and beyond: Advancing Partnerships Through Innovation and Reform

This two-day event will look at the impact of the U.S. presidential election on U.S.-Ukraine bilateral relations and discuss cooperative priorities and opportunities to advance both public and private strategic partnerships in such key areas as regional security, defense, air and space, energy, IT and tech, and biotechnology. A special emphasis will be made on innovations, Ukraine’s talents and vast potential in many spheres. The subsequent part of the event will be held on April 20-21, 2021 and it will be dedicated to taking a closer look at trade, investment and regional development opportunities in specific sectors and oblasts.

PLACE AND TIME: December 15-16, 2020

AUDIENCE: A global one, including Washington and Kyiv policy makers, U.S. Congress, think tank community, businesses, and the general public.

SPEAKERS: U.S. Senate and Congress Members, U.S. and Ukrainian government officials, renowned U.S. experts, representatives of startups and major companies.

ORGANIZER: The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation, has been committed to strengthening the Strategic Partnership between the United States and Ukraine since Ukraine’s independence. The Foundation was the first American organization to establish a presence in Ukraine in early 1991 and it continues implementing development and assistance programs and promoting Ukraine in Washington through events, publications, and especially through the activities of Friends of Ukraine Network (FOUN), an initiative uniting respected American policy experts in non-partisan task forces identifying issues central to the development of the strategic partnership between the U.S. and Ukraine and providing recommendations to the U.S. Congress on priority areas of support for Ukraine.




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