NEWS (March 7, 2017)

Tetyana Gavrysh on Primary Healthcare Reform in Kharkiv Region

The primary healthcare reform in Kharkiv Region was discussed on 14 February at the meeting of Kharkiv Region State Administration’s Healthcare Department with chief administrators of regional clinics and representatives of Kharkiv Regional Council’s Healthcare Department.

Tetyana Gavrysh, ILF managing partner and coordinator for Kharkiv expert team on healthcare reform, described the new procedure for primary care, namely how patients will be able to choose their family doctor and what aspects the contracts on primary medical treatment will determine. “Kharkiv Region will find it easier to adapt to the new ways, since our region already has a working example in Chuguyev District.”

The topic of the next meeting with territorial communities will deal with fostering primary care on a local level. On 6 and 7 March the Kharkiv expert team on healthcare reform with the support of the Ministry of Healthcare and GIZ program “U-LEAD with Europe” is holding a workshop “Primary healthcare reform — first steps for territorial communities”.


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