NEWS (May 25, 2017)

Trusted Advisors together with the prosecutor's office returned the Heavenly Hundred Square to the city of Kyiv

On 23 May  2017, a court session of the Kyiv Economic Court of Appeal was held in the case of the return to the state ownership land on Mykhailivska Street 26, where the public organization Misto Sad created a Heavenly Hundred Square. During the trial, the court dismissed the appeal of one of the defendants and upheld the decision of the Economic Court of Kiev on the suit of the capital's prosecutor's office about the illegality of the sale of land, thereby standing on the side of the plaintiff - leaving the Heavenly Hundred Square in the ownership of the city.

"Celebrate the victory is too early, as since 2014 continues the complex process of returning the land to the city. It should also be noted that during the first round of review of the case, all the courts have sided with the defendant. Only the Supreme Court has understood the arguments of the prosecutor's office and sent the case for a new consideration. Therefore, for today the positive decision is a big victory for Kyiv residents, and after all, it is one of few cases when it was possible to return the land to a city. Moreover, the reverse examples are mass. The concerted work of the prosecutor's office, the Kyiv City Administration and the public organization Misto Sad became the guarantee of a victory over this case. Nevertheless, the decision has already entered into a legal force, and we assume that the defendant will appeal against the decision in the cassation. As a result of which the struggle for the Square will continue in the Supreme economic”, - mentioned Vladislav Rieznikov, partner at Trusted Advisors.

Vladislav Reznikov, partner and Daria Korotchenko, an associate at Trusted Advisors, represented a public organization Misto Sad as a third party on the side of the plaintiff.

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