NEWS (June 8, 2017)

Vladimir Sayenko has been elected as the Vice President of the UBA

On 2 June 2017, a new leadership election of the Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA) has been held during the VII West-Ukrainian Legal Forum in Bukovel. According to the results Vladimir Sayenko, Sayenko Kharenko’s partner, has been elected Vice President of the Ukrainian Bar Association for a two-year term. Vladimir Sayenko is a leading Ukrainian lawyer internationally recognized in the areas of corporate and competition law. He is a Board Member of the UBA since its establishment in 2002. Before running for election, Mr Sayenko had been for the past two years the International Relations Officer of the Ukrainian Bar Association. In this capacity, Vladimir contributed a lot to the development of the Association. In particular, as a result of his activities, special sanctions imposed on the International Bar Association (IBA) almost ten years ago were terminated and numerous partnering relationships with leaders of international legal community were established.

Ukrainian Bar Association is all-Ukrainian public organization, founded in 2002, that brings together more than 6 000 lawyers for a strong and influential professional community, which is a powerful voice of the legal community of the country.

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