NEWS (December 10, 2018)

Aequo defended interests of Pilot Group’s TV Production Companies

Aequo dispute resolution team has successfully defended interests of Pilot Group’s TV production companies by conclusion settlement agreements.

The case was dealing with unlawful transfer of funds from the Companies’ accounts to the accounts of private entrepreneurs without the knowledge and consent of the Companies’ management for the allegedly provided consulting services. The circumstances of the case were overcomplicated by a large number of sham contracts allegedly concluded between the Companies and the entrepreneurs, and also by the criminal proceedings commenced in parallel with the above.

During consideration of the case, the dispute was settled by voluntary reimbursement of funds unreasonably transferred from the Companies’ accounts and entering into settlement agreements, which were subsequently approved by the commercial court of appeal. That is among the first examples of application of the provisions of new Commercial Procedural Code of Ukraine in respect of the conclusion of settlement agreement at the appellate stage.

Aequo’s counsel Yevgen Levitskyi and associate Yevgen Goncharenko represented the client in the court proceeding.


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