NEWS (December 19, 2018)

KPMG Law Ukraine defended an agri-industrial company in a tax dispute

KPMG Law Ukraine team represented the interests of a subsidiary of a major agri-industrial group in a tax dispute regarding its entitlement to VAT refunds and  cancellation of an unlawful decision based on the desk audit.

Although the Company’s claim had been dismissed by the first instance court, the tax dispute team of KPMG Law Ukraine joined the appeal process and provedlawfulness of the Company’s claim for refunding the VAT amount in dispute. During the appeal proceedings, the firm`s team refuted the fiscal authority’s arguments on errors in the Company’s VAT reporting that subsequently gave rise to an excessive VAT refund claim. Consequently, the decision of the first instance court was cancelled by the appeal court, which allowed the Company to secure its proprietary rights.     

The engagement was led by Konstantin Karpushin, partner, and Larysa Antoshchukattorney, senior manager at KPMG. The KPMG Law Ukraine legal consultants’ engagement team also included Iryna HyliakYana BaziaNataliia Musiienko and Maria Tashchi.

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