NEWS (December 20, 2018)

Brightman builds up its protection of business, dispute resolution, GR and bankruptcy practices in associated partnership with Alfa-legal Attorneys Association

Brightman FinTech Law Firm announced its associated partnership with Bogdan Yegorov, Esq. and Iurii Grygorenko, Esq. – senior partners of Alfa-legal Attorneys Association (Kyiv and Odessa, Ukraine) as of 19 December 2018. 

Associated partners will be present in Kyiv, Odessa (Ukraine) and New York (the US), with overall team consisting of 10 lawyers. As a next step in its business development and growth from a boutique legal consultancies to ‘big law’ in 2019 Brightman and Alfa-legal are also planning to expand their geographical present to EEA territories. 

“In view of recent law-enforcement agencies upswing in going over IT and Crypto-based business we have faced a strong interest of our client in protection of business, dispute resolution and GR legal support. To meet such query, we have decided to build up an associated partnership with Alfa-legal experts, who are among the best in those fields in Ukraine. Our teams have a deep-rooted history of clients’ joint support and high level of synergy that we have managed to reach while complementing each other’s competences and expertise from distinct fields of law over the course of 2018”, – comment Brightman’s partners Dmytro Honcharenko and Krystyna Nyemchynova

Bogdan Yegorov and Iurii Grygorenko said, Despite the stagnation on crypto trading markets in 2018, thanks to legalization of crypto-ETF funds and launch of Bakkt in the US  2019 is expected to be a year of crypto boom among the institutional investors from all over the world. Thus, we are pleased to have experts in blockchain, technology commercialization and crypto-regulations from Brightman as our associated partners. Such associated partnership will help us meet expectation of our client in providing advice on the mentioned matters.”

Bogdan Yegorov is a practicing attorney since 2003, having a substantive experience as a head of the legal department of a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, a holding of metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine, as well as in governmental and maritime enterprises. Mr Yegorov is a member of the Supreme Audit Commission of the Bar, as well as an active member of several Ukrainian National Bar Association committees and working groups. Bogdan has a Master degree from Odessa National Academy of Law.

Iurii Grygorenko holds the position of the secretary of the Committee on Protection of Advocates’ Rights and Guarantees of the Ukrainian National Bar Association, and represents the UNBA at the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.  Iurii is also a representative of Ukraine at the International Commission of Jurists (Switzerland, Geneva), the UN Human Rights Council (Switzerland, Geneva), and the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (Switzerland, Geneva).

As Brightman’s associated partners Bogdan Yegorov, Esq. and Iurii Grygorenko, Esq. will focus on protection of business, dispute resolution, GR and bankruptcy, antitrust and banking & finance legal advice.


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