NEWS (February 14, 2019)

VB PARTNERS represented interests of the port operator in the antitrust case

VB PARTNERS has proven that the SE USPA is abusing its monopoly position since it fails to carry out icebreaking work in the port water area, despite levying port charges for this purpose. This restricted access of ships to the client’s docks. The client cannot receive payment for conducting icebreaking work under the law. Therefore, he was forced to carry out such work for free by himself so that his business was not stopped.

Due to the work of experts of  VB PARTNERS law firm who won the case, the client can recover double damages from the SE USPA. Moreover, the AMCU ordered the SE USPA to report on each case of work performed in the port water area. The partner, Volodymyr Vashchenko, and counsel, Denys Shkarovsky, worked on the project.


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