NEWS (February 22, 2019)

KPMG Law Ukraine interests of the Ukrainian division of the world leader of the diversified glass industry

KPMG Law Ukraine’s team represented the interests of a subsidiary company of one of the largest international corporations in the production of flat glass for the construction and automotive industries in a dispute with the tax authorities on the issue of corporate profit tax.

 Attorneys successfully appealed against the conclusions of the Act of tax audit regarding that technical mistake in the tax return of  corporate profit tax led to underestimation of the taxes to be paid to the budget. The tax authority assessed the tax liabilities and applied a fine in regards to such mistake in the tax return. Within the proceedings, it was proved that the mistake in tax return did not affect the procedure and amount of tax obligation, and there were no grounds for assessments and fines or bringing management of the company liable under administrative procedure.

 As a result, SFS of Ukraine recognized that the tax notification decision contradicted the norms of tax legislation and canceled it. 

The project was conducted under supervision of Konstantin Karpushin, partner, the head of the Group of transfer pricing and tax dispute resolution and was executed by Larysa Antoshchuk, attorney, the head of Tax dispute resolution group. KPMG Law Ukraine lawyers Yana Bazia, Irina Khyliak and Mariia Tashchi were also involved in the project.


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